Improving businesses in the circular economy – how does it work? Join us for an innovative, learning and productive event applying new solutions to rural businesses!

18th-19th of October 2019 in Kalmar, Sweden

Climate change, overuse of natural resources and environmental pollution calls for urgent action to save or planet and our society. We need to transform the economy from a linear one, where non renewable resources are used and wasted, to a circular one with closed loops between production, consumption and recycling. The rural enterprises play a central role in the transformation – and can prosper from taking the lead into the future economy!

To speed up the transformation we organize a Circular Rural Hackathon! During three intensive days teams with mixed competence, including students, researchers and entrepreneurs from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine will work to find circular solutions for rural enterprises, that want to become more sustainable. The teams will prepare themselves before the hackathon with knowledge of circular economy, analyzing methods and introduction to their case companies. They will analyze the companies flow of resources and materials, the lifecycle of their products and services, smart cooperation’s that will improve their resource efficiency etc.

On the 19th of October the results of the hack will be presented for the case companies and a panel of researchers and innovation facilitators, who will put the results in a broader setting. As a preparation for the European rural parliament, a future focused seminar will follow on the topic – “How can circular solutions facilitate a rural development?” The case companies participating will be offered continued support with their circular development through the project CRKKL.

Preliminary program:

Friday 18th of October

  • Introduction to teams and case companies.
  • Study visits at case companies and teamwork.

Saturday 19th of October

  • Teamwork
  • Presentation of the circular solutions for case companies.
  • Open seminar about how circular solutions can facilitate a rural development.

Yes, I want to join a team! How do I apply?

You apply by filling in this application form and contacting your national coordinator:

Therese Strimell Flodqvist, SLU

Mathias Högbacka, Aktion Österbotten
+35 840 183 8653,

Anders Vaher, UT Idealab
+372 5558 7359,

Gintė Ivanauskienė, Local Action group of Ukmerge region, Lithuania
+370 674 40573, +370 340 61102,

Matvey Kadar, NOVUM
+38 066 987 3855,

My company wants help to become more circular!

Cool, welcome! Contact project coordinator Eva Engström, +46767 637 337, for more information!

I would like to know more!

For more information, contact project coordinator Eva Engström, +46767 637 337,

The project is financed by the Swedish Institute and participating countries are Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine.