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Coompanion Cooperative Development Agency of Kalmar

Coompanion’s corporate advisors are experts in cooperative entrepreneurship and we are based in 25 different locations nationwide, covering every county in Sweden. Our aim is to provide people who want to realise ideas together with information, advice and training,based on their individual requirements – from idea to successful company.

Coompanion has a special focus on young entrepreneurs.
Coompanion Kalmar is one of the 25 cooperative development agencies that form Coompanion with a total about 125 employee’s advisors.

– Active since 1996 in the region of Kalmar, Sweden.

– 24 members (municipalities, organizations,        cooperatives), 3 employees.

– Financed by the Swedish Business Development Agency (Tillväxtverket),

Main activities:

– Councelling and Information

– Training and education

– Networks/collaboration/partnerships

– Project

Our mission is to meet demands in a changing society and to stimulate growth and local development. On the basis of local and regional issues and needs, help non-traditional entrepreneurs to start cooperatives/enterprises, support democratic entrepreneurship and the growth of the Social Economy. Our information and advice are free of charge in the beginning.

Demographic data: Kalmar County is composed of 12 municipalities and has a total of about 235 000 inhabitants 2015.